Zagreb’s Parks and Squares

This line of eight green squares created by Lenuci serves as the axis of the Lower Town. One of the most popular is Zrinjevac, know for its row of plane trees brought in from Trieste more than a century ago. Fountains, a music pavilion and busts of notable figures take us back to that time. There is also a meteorological display which citizens of Zagreb use to check the time, the daily temperature, local air pressure and humidity.

Those arriving by train are first greeted by lovely views of King Tomislav square, named after the first Croatian king; the Art Pavilion at Zrinjevac park i venue for special culturalevents, was originally the Croatian Pavilion at the Millennium Exhibition in Budapest in 1896. Its innovative iron construction made it possible to transport it to its present location and for it to open to the Zagreb public two years later.

Nearby nestles another green oasis, the Botanical Gardens, containing one of the most splendid plant collections in Europe,to find out more about Zagreb Parks join as on Tour –Zagreb Walk and talk