Zagreb City Tour

The tour of the capital will take you into the charming world of two different cities: the modern, urban and vibrant country’s capital and the historic and cultural Zagreb that grew side by side with its Austrian counterpart – Vienna. We shall take a ride with the Zagreb’s funicular – the shortest cable car in the world, having only 66 meters in length – connecting downtown Zagreb with the upper (old) town.

In the old upper town we will take a historic walk through its alleys and monuments, passing by charming palaces and famous St. Mark’s Church. From the upper town we shall walk to downtown, visit Zagreb’s Cathedral and pass through Croatia’s biggest Farmers Market called Dolac.

Dolac is placed in the very heart of Zagreb.

Dolac market, Zagreb

You will have an enchanting experience where all of your senses will be activated magically. It is a unique market where different Croatian customs and gastronomic diversity meet at one place. Unlike most markets, Dolac is a permanent installation and is open seven days a week. After Dolac we continue with our walk and experience vibrant streets, parks and squares of the Zagreb city center. You will have the opportunity to tryout locals’ favorite activity – drinking coffee at one of numerous street cafés in the city center.

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