Dubrovnik – Pelješac Peninsula – Korčula – day tour

Enrich your senses with the combination of a beautiful nature and wondrous architecture while rewarding your taste buds with supreme delights. A perfect getaway for a day.


Departure from Dubrovnik at 8.30 am. Pick up at the place of your accommodation. Either with a vehicle or your guide will meet you there, depending on the accessibility of the location. Driving from Dubrovnik for a day tour to Pelješac Peninsula and Island of Korčula. It will be a beautiful scenic drive across Pelješac peninsula known for its beautiful slopes of vineyards and fabulous wines. That is why it is often referred to as the Croatian Wine Empire. Wine cultivation on Pelješac has been present since ancient Roman times. Nowadays, Pelješac reached worldwide fame for its excellent sorts of wine; “Dingac” and “Postup”.

The old town Korčula is one of the best preserved Medieval fortified towns in the Mediterranean.

Our first stop will be one of the famous Pelješac wineries for wine tasting where you will have an opportunity to try well appreciated sorts. After the wine refreshment, we continue with our drive towards the very end of Pelješac peninsula in order to catch the ferry to Island Korčula, more precisely the picturesque town Korčula. You will enter the world of medieval buildings, Venetian palaces, and charming little squares where you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere. After the tour of the old town and visit to St Mark’s cathedral and Marco Polo Museum, you will have some free time to enjoy the charms of the old town.


On our way back to Dubrovnik we shall stop in the Medieval town of Ston on Pelješac peninsula for oyster tasting. Did you know that we Croatians claim that our oysters are the tastiest in the world, so a visit to Croatia means that oyster tasting is simply a must. That is why Ston is nowadays most famous for its oyster farming, so there you will experience a local tradition of stopping at one of the farms and tasting fresh oysters opened right in front of you.

After the Ston experience we are heading back to Dubrovnik and expected to arrive in the late afternoon.