Marco Polo – the world traveler born in Korčula, Croatia?

Marco Polo (1254 – 1324) was a medieval Venetian merchant, though he is more prominent as a world renowned writer and traveler. Marco Polo was amongst the first Europeans to travel the famous Silk Road trade route, stretching from the Middle East to China. Well famous world traveler is reputed to have been born in Korcula town on the Island of Korcula in Croatia. This is one of the theories and notwithstanding, Korcula town still pride itself on Marko Polo’s alleged house of birth. The house itself is a Marco Polo Museum ready for your visit.

However, If Marco’s place of birth is somewhat ambiguous, it is certain that he was taken prisoner by the Genoese in the naval battle of Korcula, between the Venetian and Genovese states. Having been captured and taken to a Genovese prison where his famous book l Milione (The Million) about his travels to China came to light.