Krka National Park – Šibenik – day tour

Krka National Park is one of the most amazing places to visit in Croatia. You will hike the trail literally built on water while enjoying the amazing water rushing sounds. This age old creation of glorious mother nature with the varied vegetation and spectacular waterfalls will make you feel a fairy will come out any second.

Get inspired by a unique Krka National Park and enjoy the charms of the oldest native Croatian town of Šibenik

After this inspiring nature visit and just a 20 minutes drive, you will find yourself in the oldest native Croatian town of Šibenik. The town is surrounded by three fortresses watching over it: St. Nicholas’, St.John’s and Šubićevac. Impressive from the outside, enchanting from the inside. Entering through the remains of once glorious city gates you will take a step into the old and romantic Mediterranean atmosphere. Taking a stroll through its narrow winding streets with an old stone steps lurking from every corner give Šibenik that particular historical charm. Of course the most amazing of it all is the St. Jacob’s Cathedral, UNESCO world heritage, whose building took over a hundred years.


Made of stone exclusively, its unique constructions were both bold and unusual for that time. The cathedral, the Renaissance town hall, the Prince’s castle, the neighboring churches and palaces – all are a part of an remarkable square, often cited as the most beautiful one in Croatia.


Departure from Split at 8.30 am.Pick up at the place of your accommodation. Either with a vehicle or your guide will meet you there, depending on the accessibility of the location. Driving from Split towards Krka National Park and arriving around 9.00 am. Tour of the National Park.

After the tour of Krka NP we are heading towards old town Šibenik. It is 20 minute drive. There you will have the tour of the town, visit to the famous cathedral and afterwards we shall have coffee in Šibenik, either in the square or at the promenade.

Departure towards Split is around 5.00 pm and expected to arrive around 6.00 pm.