Brijuni National Park

Nacionalni park Brijuni

The Brijuni island group lies off the southwest coast of Istria, near Pula and  can be reached by boat departing daily from the nearby fishing village of Fazana.

Nowadays famous National Park and unique open air museum rich in architectonic inventory of high artistic and historic importance was once the meeting place of the European and world jet set.

Brijuni National Park is a unique example of magnificent harmony between men, animal and plant life. It is somewhat of an oasis discovered by ancient Romans that has been treasured by all of the monarchies and political leaders since then. In the past was a fashionable European health resort until the world war I. However, the resort reached its international glory at the times Josip Broz Tito – the president of Former Yugoslavia.

Some of the famous people that visited and stayed in Brijuni at that time were Sofia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Gina Lollobrigida and in recent times they have welcomed Caroline, the Princess of Monaco, Naomi Cambell, John Malkovich and many others.

On your tour of the island you will see traces of dinosaurs, traces of human inhabitation dating back to the earlier Neolithic period, remains of a typical summer residence and a temple from Roman times, the island Zoo and Safari Park with numerous and diverse animal brought here from the whole world.

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