About us

A word from the owner – Jakov Radman

Dear clients, travel enthusiasts and friends,
Let me introduce myself in a few words. This is a very important part of my website since it tells you what you can expect from The Guide. However, the next most important page on my website is Testimonials Page. There you will find the feedback from my dear guests who shared their experience with me as their tour guide.

Jakov Radman - The Guide
Jakov Radman – The Guide

Who is Jakov?

Being a people person and very passionate about history and culture, I have always been aspiring for and pursuing new experiences. My greatest pleasure has always been travelling and exploring the world. I have been traveling in different countries getting to know their cultures for more than 15 years now. However, during past few years I have been working as a tour guide and a tour leader throughout Croatia and surrounding region which ultimately became my most favorite occupation. It has been a dream come true when I got the opportunity to pass on my knowledge and passion for my country with my dear guests from all over the world. Sharing the glory and the beauty of Croatia and our region with my future friends continues to be my greatest joy.

Meet our team


Maria is a professor of English and Italian language and a licensed guide for the Split – Dalmatia County. Being a local, she got to explore Split since early age and the city became her greatest passion which she decided to share with our dear guests. Maria likes travelling, meeting new people and embracing new experiences. Split has a unique and enchanting history worth discovering. Come to Split and spend your time in this beautiful Mediterranean town. We are waiting for you!


Marko is a young and energetic person who loves traveling, meeting people and experiencing as many opportunities as one can pursue. As an adventurist, he worked and traveled in a dozen countries around the world, with Mexico being his favorite. Then again, Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and he likes to say he was lucky enough to be born here. That made him explore and learn about the country’s culture and history and created eagerness towards making other people fall in love in Croatia as well.


So, why should you book with The Guide?

Here is what The Guide offers:

1. We Care
We are dedicated to providing you with the adventure of a lifetime in the style that best suits your needs. You will have the opportunity to experience the most authentic, enjoyable and informative tour. We put our heart and soul into every tour we create; from the planning stage throughout to the end of the tour. We want you to have an experience you will remember the rest of your life, the one you will look back on with great affection.

2. Quality and Value
We take care to ensure that our tours are the best value for money and we are proud of the high quality standards we reach. We are aware that the best value means ensuring that all of components are right, not just the price. There are no “hidden” charges. We want to make money of course, but we would never sacrifice your experience for our profit.

3. Authentic experience – Going Local!
Our friendly and experienced staff will help you with their extensive knowledge to lift your experience out of the ordinary immersing you in the heritage and local culture.

We love introducing people to the sights and customs that casual tourist would generally miss. Being locals, we know where to find those special, unique and interesting places. We want you to understand local traditions and get a true insider experience. We hope to stretch a bit further and share with you some places, views and activities that go beyond words. We don’t want you to miss anything worthwhile.e.

4. People
Our guides are most dedicated, informative, helpful and engaged people whose company you should enjoy. They are extremely dedicated to what they do because they love our wonderful destinations and they love sharing them with others. Most of our guides grew up and lived in the area, developing significant knowledge and appreciation for all of our natural and cultural treasures.

5. Small enough to make a difference
The Guide is a little guy in this big global business of tourism. However, opposed to the big guy – companies doing thousands of tours each year, we like to bring it to a personal level and do more for you because we care. We are involved in every step and aspect of the service we provide. To us, you are a person with hopes and dreams eager to experience something new, a fellow traveler, a person who has something to share with us as well. You are the person whom we hope to become friends with.

6. The trust
The Guide tours are custom designed tours with a goal to let you enjoy the very best that a country has to offer. As such, they can occasionally be improved and amended according to the local conditions, climatic reasons etc. However, we will always do our best to make sure that the experience is overwhelming.

Simply put, you can trust us that we will do what we say we will do. We will never agree to arrange a tour that we cannot do well.

So enjoy, relax, keep a smile on your face and let us take care of the details for you. It all just adds to the adventure!

See you in Croatia!